Gratitude; Speaking Up

Good Morning, Morning Stars! Happy Wednesday everyone! GratitudeFamilyFriendFoodsGiving eve!!

Below I am posting a link for an article that caught my eye first thing on my e-newspaper this morning. Hope you find it helpful! I do!

“Speak Up at Thanksgiving. Your Health Depends on It.”

“… For many of us, especially in our current political climate, speaking up in such settings feels risky. Yet the act of choosing silence might be affecting us more deeply than we think — to the detriment of our emotional and even physical well-being. Far from preserving peace, holding back our thoughts can leave us more unsettled and unhappy. Over time, this leads to increased stress and strain, not just within ourselves but in the very relationships we are trying to preserve. …”

(OPINION GUEST ESSAY – In New York Times; by Sunita Sah. Dr. Sah is an organizational psychologist at Cornell University.)

#SpeakUp #mentalhealth

PS. Go here to see my sunrise coffee beach pics from this morning. I have added some touches to my little beach-purse. Reinforced a seam along the edges and added a nice loop for my cup and spoon. (They were just hanging from the strap before, but that started to wear on the strap and crinkle it.) The bag is made out of fabric from a discarded beach umbrella; it has lasted well for a couple of years so far. (The white edging which I just added is part of my stock of materials that I inherited from multi generations of women who love to sew! The strap itself is also from that inventory.)

PPS. And for those of us who are exploring alternatives to celebrating Thanksgiving per se: offers “10 Thanksgiving Alternatives You Can Celebrate This Month.

PPPS. But wait, there’s more! Update 11/23: In today’s Antiracism Daily newsletter, Nicole Cardoza shares her article on how to have tough conversations during the holidays.