Fashion pages

Loving my adorable new-to-me capri pants from For The Low Urban Boutique !! My beautiful, style-conscious friend Kenya Tumer-Griffin (who is crafty too!! yay crafty girls!) maintains an excellent selection. Of a variety of clothing, shoes, accessories, carefully curated.

If you are fortunate enough to live in Daytona Beach, go see her; the boutique is in the 1600 block of N. Ridgewood. East side of street.

Here, I have paired the pants with my pale-purply-pink stretch tank top, with a brown lace cami layered over that. The brown lace cami was a hurricane salvage from the beach a couple years back.

See pics here.

The color of the pants is lovely, I guess I would call it kind of a dusty brown rose, faded to perfection.

I shouldn’t tell you how much these cute & comfy capri’s were, because you might get jealous. But, it wouldn’t be right to withhold such valuable information from my friends. The price was all of 5 dollars!!!

Shoes: as infrequently as possible. I am known to walk barefoot over the bridge carrying my shoes and putting them on at the last minute when it’s time to enter a building. Today I chose my crocs. I don’t remember how these came into my possession. Yard sale? Hurricane salvage? (Though it would be weird to find a complete pair of shoes via storm flotsam; that would just be too lucky.)

The crocs were originally camo pattern but I painted them purple for Dre’s funeral in September. (But then I ended up feeling it’d be a more fitting tribute to wear my flower boots to her service, so I painted those purple. Dre loved purple, and Prince.)

Jewelry is my leaf earrings, which I have had for a long time. I think I bought them from one of my local Paparazzi jewelry vendor friends. If you don’t yet know your local Paparazzi vendors, you need to get on it right away!

Plus a sparkly necklace from my own bead shop / collection, plus this lovely necklace that my dad purchased in the Philippines in the early 1970s while he was in the Navy. He brought back one necklace for me and one for my sister. This necklace has deep sentimental value. The cylindrical beads are made from a nut called Buto nuts, which I gather are indigenous to the Philippines.

My general fashion philosophy … For a long time, I have mostly either bought used clothes or made my own, or edited old clothes. This saves money but that’s not the reason why I do it. I actually don’t like new clothes as much, and try not to buy them unless I absolutely have to, such as underwear. Because often the quality of new stuff is inferior, seems to be getting worse and worse each year.

And also, the fashion industry has a super high eco-footprint. (If you want a documentary about this, check out The True Cost. Very eye-opening, well worth a watch. I have seen it twice.) 

As I get older, I become less prone to care what is “supposed” to be in style, and I care more what looks and feels good on me. I actually have no earthly idea what is supposed to be in fashion right now.

Some of the things I wear are literally from the 1960s <wink>. The 60s and 70s are probably my overall favorite decades for pretty much everything fashion and music and etc.

But the 90s certainly produced some good stuff. As far as I’m concerned, lightweight Capri cargo pants with lots of little pockets and ties and buttons will always be in style on planet Jenny!!

Hair by Neptune. (Not the name of a salon, but Neptune as in the actual physical ocean! Had a lovely refreshing dip this morning in my favorite big fat swimming pool at the east end of Harvey Ave.)

Happy day everyone! Go forth and dazzle in your own inimitable style, whatever that is for you!