Rainwater collection: practicality & aesthetics

Self-Sufficient Backyard – by Ron and Johanna always has a wealth of good tips & pics! I like how they have their rainbarrels lined up neatly along the fence line. (Here is the link to their post that I shared.) As the authors point out, there are many practical reasons for this.

Myself, I too try to keep my rainwater storage neat and tidy, as a kindness to my neighbors as well as myself preferring that human-made stuff has a streamlined look. Neighbors and code enforcement authorities will be more sympathetic towards eco infrastructure projects if we make them neat & aesthetically appealing.

However, unlike many of my fellow “prepper” types, I do not try to hide my rainwater storage. My goal is actually to showcase my rainwater collection setup in order to get more of my neighbors & other people interested in doing it, because we all need to be doing it.

That said, my rainwater tanks are in the backyard, because the best collection spot is there. But (contrary to my mission of public education to promote community resilience), that area is generally invisible from public view. So I showcase my rainwater collection virtually — via social media, my public talks, and my book & blog.

Check the comments under my FB post for a photo of my main rainwater collection zone.