Degrowth and eco-footprint

If you’ve read my book, you may remember that one of the categories that offer us opportunity to reduce our eco-footprint is consumption. What we buy and spend.

In the years since I published my book, I have become more aware of how income itself relates to eco-footprint.

Love this summation from fellow Degrowther Alan Kirk — thank you for this Alan:

“… [T]he first paragraph of the OP is quite important. Earning and spending very little into the economy is the backbone of Degrowth; what we earn and spend is a very direct proxy of our impact, i.e. eco-footprint. Earning and spending an average or higher income overwhelms any virtue being signaled by displaying veganism.”

By the way, the original post, by Chris Morasky, is set to public and you can view it here. Titled “Should modern people hunt and gather,” it’s very worthwhile, and sparked a wealth of viewpoints in the comments.