Using technology to reconnect with nature

Much has been made of how technology has disconnected us from nature. However, if we use technology consciously, it can also help us reconnect with nature.

This morning, as I was on my walk to the beach to get in a little dip before dawn, I admired the morning star and silver crescent moon in the eastern sky.

And asked myself what stage the moon might be in. In this case I was already ahead of the game because I knew the moon was waiting. So all that remains was to guess the percentage. At first I said to myself 20%, but then I second-guessed and said 12%.

When I got home and checked my moon app, I found out my original guess I’ve been closer to the truth. Waning crescent, 18%.

There are lots of fun games we can play with our apps. Guessing the sunrise and sunset times and checking them on a sunrise/sunset app. Estimating temperature and humidity, wind speed, etc. and then checking our weather app. And so on!

What are some ways that you have used technology to reconnect with nature as opposed to disconnecting? (I’ve just been talking about apps here, but I can think of many other channels too.)