Nice clear rainwater

For photos see the companion post on my DEEP GREEN Facebook page. Ooops, looks like Facebook won’t let me copy-paste links anymore. Sorry for the extra work, but if you want to see the pix you’ll have to manually scroll down to May 9 on my book’s Facebook page

Photo 1: Rainwater scooped from one of my rainwater collection tubs just now. It has not even been run through a cheesecloth or other filter.

Photo 2: Fresh tapwater from a nearby town where residents report experiencing issues w the water.

Mother Nature’s filters are very sophisticated & powerful.

PS. Some people have asked if I am off-grid. No, and I do not aspire to be. Of course as a city resident, I am hooked up to City water and other utilities. Our tapwater in Daytona Beach is clear and delicious! I mainly use rainwater for showers and irrigation. And the communal goal of my rainwater collection system is to do my part to keep stormwater from running offsite. I do drink rainwater too though!! Once I did a 2-month experiment of living entirely on rainwater.

(It’s part of my self-selected job as a permaculture research station / low-footprint-living laboratory to test things like this out, and serve as a “database” for the neighborhood & community.) 💚🌏🦋