P.S. re compost

“I use the city green waste stuff for kitchen scraps but keep seeing advertisements for electric kitchen composters. I live in a complex with a lot of green space and am involved with gardening that green space. But we are along the a city greenway/Railway so can’t do a traditional compost due to fears of rats (due to co-op rules). Has anyone tried an electric kitchen composter? Are they helpful with gardening or are they mostly just another attempt to sell us stuff? Does anyone have any thoughts?”

FWIW I have been composting in intensive, densely populated urban settings for years and have never had rats in the compost.

Things that may help:

  • make sure there is enough “brown” matter (fallen leaves, twigs, cardboard etc.)
  • the urine of a large mammal has been found to be an extremely effective deterrent of rodents etc <wink>