Occupational articulation

It can be beneficial to formulate descriptions and policies regarding our occupation, and then practice articulating those, or at least have them written down somewhere to refer to if needed. At least I find it helpful, after having been caught tongue-tied in a significant number of instances which turned out in retrospect to have been existentially crucial moments (either for me, or someone else, or both).

Using this space as a scratch-box for my formulations; if you find any of it helpful please feel free to use/adapt.

Also I offer one-on-one consultation on a sliding scale and you can use that time for me to help you articulate your own occupational descriptions, polices, etc. Services are offered via teleconsult: by phone (preferred); or Zoom or similar (with a slight upcharge for the added bandwidth of being on video).

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How to access my services and/or support my ongoing community work:

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