FRESH Book Festival Feb 23-25

Hi All!! Hope February is treating you well so far! Be sure & mark your calendars for the best book festival in the universe, the FRESH Book Festival in Daytona Beach! Head on over to the festival page, see the schedule & get your tickets if you haven’t already!

Once again this year, DEEP GREEN is thrilled to have a table. I’m preparing a variety of treats for you at my table:

• Mini talks/demos: preparedness; composting; DIY fashion / visible mending; make your own jewelry from found & upcycled materials etc etc etc!

• Showings of selected expert mini videos on sustainability topics — for as long as my laptop battery holds out 😉

• Surprise!!!! I have decided to offer a limited edition 2023 print run of 50 copies of DEEP GREEN book, with updated preface. As always, each copy has its cover individually hand-colored for the buyer/recipient!

• GET FREE STUFF — by showing me your purchase from any of my fellow vendors! While supplies last, I’ll be giving away various DEEP GREEN goodies: reusable shopping bags, koozies & other chunky upcycled creations from my “Seaside She-Shed”

• Aaaaaand last but not least!! DEEP GREEN is proud to be publishing the work of a new up & coming FICTION author!! in the permaculture, eco fiction, TEOTWAWKI/Zombie Apocalypse genre!! I will be doing selected readings from this new fiction author’s upcoming debut volume!!