Little Free Library Upgrade

The Harvey Avenue Little Free Library – East branch, 501 Harvey, is getting an upgrade!! We get some good magazines coming through the library but it’s always been hard to deal w them as they don’t really fit nicely on the shelves and are hard for library users to see.

So, I ordered some clear waterproof boxes, of the kind that some real-estate agents use to provide the public with informational leaflets at their listed properties.

My little library now has a way to display magazines neatly & weatherproof so the mags will have a better chance of staying in circulation and being enjoyed instead of me always eventually having to throw them away/compost them.

Also we now have a good way to display public-service announcements such as City Manager’s update, BNW literature, monthly calendars of our local public library, etc.!

I ordered THREE of these fancy holders, and they are now mounted on the fence alongside the bookshelves. You might be able to see pix of my library setup here; it’s a public FB page and should work for anyone.

Want to know more about LFLs and maybe start your own? Visit Little Free Library website at !

PS. I’m very proud of the fact that Daytona Beach has numerous Little Free Libraries, and that we are quite the bookish town in general!!

PPS. To get a glimpse at the evolution of my LFL – Check out my “porous property” videos Part 1 spring 2022; and Part 2 Feb 2023 update.