Compost Basics II

Simplest and most inexpensive compost setup I have seen that is suitable for a typical household. Is highly convenient yet avoids odors; avoids attracting bugs indoors; rodents & other animals outdoors. This setup can easily be customized to your needs & circumstances.

Part 1: Indoor receptacle. Compact with tight-fitting lid. The one I saw is a Tupperware container, square but with rounded corners. Use this in the kitchen to collect your food scraps. Keep in the fridge (or freezer if you like) to avoid smells and bugs.

Part 2: Outdoor receptacle. Barrel with a number of holes about pencil-width in the sides. The one I saw is a metal barrel with lid. It was originally meant as a burn-barrel.

Be sure there’s plenty of carbon / “browns” in the barrel, to balance out the nitrogen / “greens” (coffee grounds, fruit peels, eggshells etc). Both types of ingredients, along with air and moisture, are needed to turn scraps into compost.

If your compost barrel/bin is slimy or smelly, you need more browns in the barrel.

If you live in an apartment, ask your landlord if they are willing to let you do composting (and grow a communal garden with vegetables, fruits, and other good stuff). You might also be able to do this compost setup and a mini garden on your balcony/patio.

Here are pictures of the kind of setup I’m talking about. (These pics will be viewable as long as Zuck’s will shall have it.)