We build our houses on shifting sands …

There are people with multiple houses on the beach that got hit by the storm and lost their seawalls and yards, and are going on TV pleading for millions of dollars in federal aid to rebuild. A guy who owns THREE houses on the beach was saying this.

I wonder how many of these same people think that poor people who need some public assistance with basic everyday needs should “make better life choices” and “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.”

Some people are adamantly opposed to public assistance til it’s their turn.

Honestly if any federal bailouts are given I think it should be payouts to get people to vacate. We live on a barrier island and I think maybe it’s time to start letting it revert to its natural state.

I like what my friend K said: “I really think that federal aid for beach houses needs to come to an end. We need a program that helps those who actually live full time in high risk areas to get out if they choose, but rich people should get nothing that’s not from paid flood/disaster insurance that they purchased themselves!”

As a beachside resident (though I’m not beachfront, at least not yet, but may be someday at the rate we are going <wry face emoji>), I have always assumed that at some point, like if the storms and everything keep getting worse, there would be a public move to encourage me & other residents to vacate the island. I take that as something that comes w the territory of living on a barrier island. I cherish my home and every moment i spend here, but i fully get that i might well have to move, and im good w that when it comes.