Landscaping, actual

Mow-and-blow grass-cutter companies should not be allowed to call themselves “landscapers.” Landscapers are actually supposed to know and care about plants.

(This is a comment I made in response to what had to be the umpteen-millionth post I’ve seen about so-called “landscapers” mowing or weedwhacking people’s garden beds. Personally I think sometimes it’s a passive-aggressive tactic designed to make customers give up on gardening and just turn their whole property into a conveniently rectangular mass that the mow & blow bro’s can just run over mindlessly and profitably with their giant turf-tanks.)

I have nothing against people trying to make a living, but call yourself what you are.

Better yet, up your skills and start actually learning about plants. There’s a LOT of un-served demand out there for real landscapers. Solo-practitioner model with occasional assistance from mechanized-equipment operators can work well. I’ve seen this model being implemented successfully by both native and edible landscaping professionals.

And for those of you who know how to care for plants, grow food, native plants, etc., you may not realize it but you have a valuable skill that you can turn into a lifelong livelihood. The demand is only going to increase.