Example of a way you can support a local farmer/rancher/orchard if you have a bit of $ upfront to spare

(A macadamia orchard had its refrigeration / power knocked out in the hurricane and was seeking to sell 200 pounds of nuts right away. I felt inspired to buy the entire lot. This was a total investment of $1,400, which I expect to recoup quickly. Here is the Facebook post I made about it):

Hey Neighbors!
Do you like macadamia nuts? Did you know we grow macadamia nuts here in Florida? Yes we do!!

To help promote healthy food & boost our Florida farmers, I have just purchased a bulk quantity 200 pounds of macadamia nuts from Brackins Macadamia Orchard. (Located in Plant City which is about 120 mi from Daytona Beach.)

These nuts are absolutely exquisite!! If you have never had macadamia nuts fresh from the shell you are in for a treat!

I am offering these luscious & nutritious nuggets at my cost, $7 per pound which includes the transport! (Yes I got to meet the young farmer in person! She’s so nice!)

Bring your own cup, box, cloth bag, or other reusable container.

#EatLocal #SupportFloridaFarmers #FoodResilience

PS. If you found this post tasty, please follow/Like Brackins Macadamia Orchard‘s page to keep up with all their offerings! Also I suggest you join the group Florida Farm Finder – Small FL Farms are Kind of A Big Dill, to find the many other Florida farmers and ranchers who would be delighted to have you / your neighborhood / your congregation or school etc as a customer.

PPS. Visit my Facebook post to see a photo of the beautiful nuts in their pre-shelled state! So rich-brown and shiny-smooth!