My word-tank

I pay about $160 a year to have this website (including both hosting and domain) (the prices went up this year a bit).

For awhile, I was questioning whether I should continue to pay for it or not, since people mostly don’t seem to be following my “broadcasts” on this “channel.”

But, I realized it’s worth keeping for now, even just as a storage-tank for my ideas. I could download & print it all out and then shut down the website to avoid paying that annual bill, but then I’d have this big, messy, non-“copy/pasteable” stack of paper.

I could just store it on my computer harddrive but no. I could just store my ideas on the social-media cloud but that is a bit precarious and sometimes unwieldy to search.

So, for now, I decide this website is worth the price even just as a word-storage unit. And really, it always serves another purpose as well: it’s my longtime “permanent address” where people who are looking for my help & support can find me.

To any of you who are actually here reading this post … I love you and am here to support your growth and thrival!