Mourning societal collapse

Lots of us in collapse-aware groups have been sharing feelings of mourning and despair. And helping each other experience those feelings rather than hide from them.

A thought though! Maybe it’s just white colonizer culture that’s reaching its collapse point of singularity. Maybe indigenous cultures, which are based on cooperation, connection, and sharing, are going to survive and thrive. Also possibly any subcultures out there that are truly doing the work to reach a point where they are based on cooperation, connection, and sharing. Just a thought.

Here’s an interesting article someone shared in the Deep Adaptation group: “Planetary scientists suggest a solution to the Fermi paradox: Superlinear scaling leading to a singularity” ( “Several years ago, physicist Enrico Fermi asked a colleague why aliens from outer space have not visited Earth. The two noted that due to the huge size of the universe, it seemed unlikely that Earth alone would harbor intelligent life. … They developed a hypothesis that suggested such rising and falling by alien space civilizations would lead to one of two scenarios. In the first, the civilization would come to realize they were growing too large and would cease traveling to or colonizing other worlds. In the second, they would not recognize their folly and would therefore collapse. From our perspective, both scenarios would have the same outcome–the aliens would not visit us, or even demonstrate evidence of their existence. The distance from them to us would be too far.”