Stop working; stop spending money

A lot of people, and not just people in the Degrowth movement, are saying various versions of this. Here’s one very compelling voice. (And follow her: @theoriginalsilverfoxx on TikTok.) Here’s another. (And follow her too: @arcanecraven on TikTok.)

Mutual aid, grassroots caring is key to all this. White people including myself have been very bad at building community. Not because we’re bad people but because hyper-individualism is a hallmark of our colonizer culture.

We need to get good at being members of community; at not being the center or the boss; at advocating beyond just ourselves and our immediate families. And a really good place to start is listen to Black women. And amplify their voices. I am, every chance I get! If you want to help build a safe, sane society, listen to Black women.

“But wait — I can’t just stop working; can’t just stop spending money.”

I get it, really! Just go listen to the two Black women linked above. Hear what they have to say.