One idea for shifting the culture: Housewife posters

(WARNING: This post contains raunchy language.)

Some years back, I did a World War II-style cartoon poster about carpooling to save gas. Now I want to start doing “vintage housewife” -style posters poking fun at lawn obsession; promoting the idea of using our spaces to grow food and support wildlife.

I’m not great at drawing people but there is public-domain art available. A fellow permie who does great artwork (Mike Hoag of Transformative Adventures) suggests doing a search on “royalty free stock image.” I’m going to put that on my to-do list.

In the meantime, starting a list of “housewife lawn poster” ideas:

— Did you not hear me, sweetie? I said get rid of the f****** leaf-blower!

— Gee honey, I wish you enjoyed doing laundry and cooking as much as you enjoy fussbudgeting the yard; then maybe I could grow something useful around here!

— Did you not hear me sweetie? I said back away from the f****** wildflowers!

— No, honey, I’m not running away with our divorce lawyer! I’m running away with a permaculture food-forest guy!

— Who do I have to blow around here to get some damn fruit trees?

etc etc etc

Other good poster genres for humorously promoting cultural shift, besides the aforementioned WWII and 1950s housewife styles, include Roy Lichtenstein -inspired images.