Another plug for degrowth

Dennis started an excellent thread in the FB group Permaculture in Action: Transformative Adventures, offering great detail about why electric cars are not going to save the world, as some mainstream environmentalists seem to want to persist in wishing were the case.

I love what Mike said in the comments, 100% concur and have felt this way for a long time: “Transition to renewables is not possible. Degrowth and reduced consumption are the only realistic strategies, but our governments will never do this. WE must do this.”

YES!!!! I have belatedly realized that my entire book and lifestyle are based on my strong belief that degrowth is the only way to go. (I didn’t know that word back in 2017 when I wrote my book. Same with “deep adaptation” — another thing I believe is essential to any possibility of human survival on earth.)

Hashtag #GettingReal

PS. Degrowth is not something we can force on people; it’s something that those of us consumerist-industrial nation folk with the awareness and the conviction and the wherewithal have to undertake, and make it attractive enough that other fellow consumerist-industrial folk will want to do it as well. Or at least will see their self-interest in doing it.