Deep Adaptation Resources

• “What Is Deep Adaptation? The Four R’s” (Deep Adaptation Forum). “Deep Adaptation offers four questions to help guide our inquiry into what kind of adaptation may be appropriate for our lives: Resilience: what do we most value that we want to keep, and how? Relinquishment: what do we need to let go of so as not to make matters worse? Restoration: what could we bring back to help us with these difficult times? Reconciliation: with what and whom shall we make peace as we awaken to our mutual mortality? With these ideas – and with the values of compassion, curiosity, and respect – we are embarking on a collaborative journey of understanding.”

• Deep Adaptation Facebook group. “A place for sharing information on our outer and inner deep adaptation to unfolding societal breakdown due to climate change. First, on emotional, psychological, and spiritual implications. Second, on our knowledge of practical means to support wellbeing during (and ahead of social breakdowns). … Collective action in a spirit of compassion is particularly welcomed, rather than defensive prepping for conflict.”

Deep Adaptation Forum ( website). “Embodying and enabling loving responses to our predicament. Connecting people, in all spheres of life, to foster mutual support and collaboration in the process of anticipating, observing, and experiencing societal disruption and collapse.”

“The Love in Deep Adaptation” ( “As we see more pain in the world, and sense that it will get worse, it is possible that we will shrink from it. It is easier to consider other people’s pain as less valid as one’s own pain or that of the people and pets we know. But there is another way. The suffering of others presents us with an opportunity to feel and express love and compassion. Not to save or to fix, but to be open to sensing the pain of all others and letting that transform how we live in the world. It does not need to lead to paralysis or depression, but to being fully present to life in every moment, however it manifests. This approach is the opposite of othering and arises from a loving mindset, where we experience universal compassion to all beings. It is the love that our climate predicament invites us to connect with. It is the love in deep adaptation.