Recycling in Public Spaces

Unfortunately, even when there are cans for both trash and recycling (as there are along the beach in my county), folks routinely disregard the labels. Trash ends up in the recycling bin and vice versa.

But honestly, other than aluminum cans, not much is really getting recycled these days at all, from what I hear. (Maybe it’s better in your geographic area. I hope so.)

Based on what I regularly see in the barrels, a couple of the top ways to reduce the trash problem at the root are:

  • Stop buying bottled water, and refuse it when it’s offered;
  • Refuse plastic bags;
  • Buy soda at the convenience-store fountain by reusing your 7-11 cup etc, instead of buying it in disposable bottles.

Reduce, Reuse, and best of all REFUSE single-use packaging as much as you possibly can!! I know it’s difficult to impossible sometimes. But it feels great every time I manage to avoid one disposable item. Every little victory adds up!!