A Rakish Hero

Local columnist “The Darwinian Gardener” (Mark Lane of Daytona Beach News-Journal) has long been one of my heroes for his hands-off, chemical-free approach to landscaping. But today’s column bumps him up to a whole new level!

(Personally, I have always found it ironic that modern social norms banned cottage businesses such as welding shops and cabinetmakers from residential neighborhoods long ago, yet in more recent years have rolled out the red carpet for a level of industrial noise and air pollution that is every bit as obnoxious or more.)

“The Darwinian Gardener is morally opposed to gas-powered leaf blowers. He would rather live next door to a death-metal band’s practice garage … He has awakened on too many Saturday mornings to nearby landscaping crews operating heavy-horsepower single-stroke engines blowing leaves into the street and nearby lawns, sounding like a mobile sheetmetal works. Now that he works from home, his hatred of oversized leaf blowers that look like Ghostbuster backpacks has grown in ferocity.”

Also this! “Oak leaves are yard waste when they’re in a green plastic bag; they are yard mulch and nutrients when they’re left on the ground.”

Go here to read the rest – it is priceless!

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