Pandemic Pivot

We can never hear too many “pandemic pivot” stories. Pivots in response to major challenges often end up improving the foundational structure of an enterprise (or a household, or a community, or all three).

Here’s a recent one: A restaurateur’s “Pandemic Pivot” has ended up boosting local food resilience! (And helping his employees and other locals through hard economic times as well.) Win-win-win!

“Before the end of the year, the restaurant changed its name to Scratch & Co. and launched a retail brand, Scratch & Co. Made Brand. The goal is to cut through the global supply chain and offer locally sourced provisions such as pickles, lunch meat and sauerkraut while ensuring local farmers and commercial ecosystems have an advantage over global and national supply chains.

“‘If I hadn’t been taking that approach I’d be talking to you as a former business owner,’ Mahaney said. “The only reason we’re still in business now is because we changed our entire business model.”