A Super Resource on Dealing with the Challenges of Being Human

David at Raptitude, who writes excellent posts to help us all “navigate the strange experience of being human,” has done a public service by making a post that’s a catalogue of his 65 most helpful posts.

David, one of my perennial favorite bloggers, has divided the 65 posts into categories: on becoming calmer and wiser; on getting yourself to do things; on dealing with hard times; on staying sane in modern society; on cultivating gratitude; and many more topics. What an excellent resource; I’ve got it bookmarked and hope you find it useful too.

I never get tired of reading and studying about the topic of mastering one’s own mind. Learning to manage my own mind, and help others learn to do so, has been a lifelong endeavor for me. A burning quest and a constant passion. (So much so that after taking a truly life-changing 9-day experiential course to learn this skill, I went on to become an instructor of the course.)

The mind is ground zero. Everything ripples out from there. Navigating through life is, fundamentally, a task of navigating consciousness. The quickest way to get better at managing life, and be happy and at peace, is learn how to operate your own mind.