#AboutMe: Money Nitty-Gritty — Retirement

Someone in the Socially Conscious FIRE group made a post asking if anyone had a retirement plan that does not include investing in the stock market. I am one such person, and wrote the following:

I’m planning FIRE in a way that some people might consider backwards. First, I never plan to retire, because I love my work and it feels useful to the world. (Sustainability writer/educator, freelance.)

Second, rather than raise as much money as possible, I strive to minimize the amount of money I need. I shrank my overhead, and have simple wants, so I can live well on 12k-15k a year. My Social Security will be about that much. And I’ll also be continuing to teach, make art, write, do landscaping gigs, probably still clean a house here and there, etc.

I have a blog where I write about my lifestyle. The original motivation was to minimize my eco footprint and help others who wanted to do so. But then it also became a way to achieve occupational freedom, resilience, creative freedom, and peace of mind.

Coming up: Some tips on how I shrank my overhead. And why!

BTW I highly recommend the Socially Conscious FIRE group!