Climate-Action-Motivating Quotes for the Year

I posted this on my DEEP GREEN Facebook page as “quote for the day,” but I think they’re worth keeping for the year and beyond.

Climate is just a symptom. By addressing the roots, we can help stabilize the climate of our lovely blue-green planet, and increase the odds that humans will get to keep living here. May the stark facts quoted below help us keep our focus.

Climate quotes for the year and beyond:

“Last year was the sixth in a row to have 10 or more separate billion-dollar disaster events, said Adam Smith, a NOAA climatologist.

“‘For 2020 to have more than doubled that standard, at 22 separate billion-dollar disaster events, shattering the record of 16 events that happened in 2011 and 2017, was really breathtaking,’ Smith said. ‘It’s hard to believe.'” …

“The effects of climate change appear in the increasing weather extremes that might fuel a billiondollar disaster.

“‘I think of the atmosphere as a pendulum,” Glisan said. “We’re seeing that pendulum start to swing farther up and down, from side to side, the wets getting wetter and the drys getting drier is very concerning.'”

(From “Midwest suffered $11 billion in damage from August derecho,” by Morgan Greene, Chicago Tribune (published in Daytona Beach News-Journal, January 22, 2021.)