Rich Resource for Aspiring Downsizers

This article about one family’s downsizing journey is itself nice and detailed. And furthermore, it includes links to numerous separate posts and podcasts where they offer additional details about the different aspects of their downsizing (exactly how they approached downsizing; what they kept & left behind; how they have maximized storage in their new place; description of their much smaller kitchen setup; etc. etc. etc.). Truly a gold mine!

They went from having a big house and three rental properties, to having one modest-size house and no rental properties. And they moved from Virginia to Florida to be in a warmer climate so they can spend more time outdoors.

Lots of practical tips and insight here. Enjoy!

If you’re partway through your own downsizing journey and getting bogged down in the sheer enormity of the task, here’s some encouragement from the authors: “… I don’t think many people blink their eyes and find themselves majorly downsized and living with less – it felt like a really huge life pivot to us, that took a lot of intentional (and hard) work. So if you’re there in that not-fun zone right now, I’m here to tell you, when we came out on the other side, it felt amazing and still does. The novelty hasn’t worn off in half a year, and might not wear off ever. Worth all the effort and then some.”