Love To You, My DEEP GREEN Family

Dear Readers,

I love you all so much! And thank each of you for being you. Your emails and other communications are filled with adventure, surprises, deep wisdom, practical know-how, rich emotion. By your generous sharing of life-slices, you transport me to distant countries and hidden worlds; you allow me to live alternate lives simultaneously. I am honored to share your joys and your burdens.

Through your stories, I dwell in a palace of a thousand rooms, and each room has within it a thousand doors leading to a thousand more rooms.

Even if you have never actually communicated with me; even if you are a “read-only member”; even if you just got here today — I still feel the wealth of our connectedness, and will always seek to keep that wealth circulating; to give more than I get. Which is a very tall order, considering how much you all have given and continue to give me!

Thank you especially for everything you are doing to take care of yourselves. Please keep doing those things, so we can share many more years together, and maximize the good we do in the world.

Did I mention I love you?!

Consider yourself hugged.