Hand-Written Book

Yesterday I embarked on a new project: Making a HAND-WRITTEN copy of DEEP GREEN book. With pen and ink on thick archival paper, in a beautiful blank book I had been saving for just such an occasion.

I have no idea how long it’ll take! Five days? More? Less? I wonder how long it took one of those monks back in medieval times to copy out a Bible. (My book is considerably shorter than the Bible.)

And I have no idea how many times I will have to stop to unclog the ink-pen. But I’m having fun! The price I’ll ask for the finished product (assuming I choose to offer it for sale) will depend in large part on how many solid days of labor (and how many bottles of ink) it ends up taking! Not that I’ll be in a hurry to sell it. I expect this to be a rather slow-moving, big-ticket item.

The original book does not have illustrations, but this special fancy edition will probably end up with a few!

I’ve been saying for awhile now that I wanted to produce a deluxe hand-written edition of my book. Very thrilled to be embarking on this artisanal adventure at last!

Meanwhile, a couple of miles away at my local print shop, a new run of regular printed copies is being produced even as we speak! And if you are among those who ordered a copy, I’ll be able to put it in the mail to you within the week if all goes according to plan. (Postal mail — #SupportUSPS !)