Deep Green Book Online

As promised, I have now uploaded my book Deep Green here, chapter by chapter. August 31 is three years to the day since I launched my book.

My original intended audience was fellow environmentalists looking for guidance on how to reduce their eco footprint. But as time went on it occurred to me that this book could be a great help to anyone seeking financial freedom.

The things that increase our eco-footprint also tend to be a drain on our household finances. A lot of people have been financially struggling for a long time. When the Covid pandemic hit, many people’s financial situations went from bad to worse.

In the three years since I wrote my book, we’ve also seen a whole slew of devastating hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters and extreme weather. According to my best research, human activity (specifically, the hyper-consumerist USA lifestyle which has been exported to many other countries) plays a significant role in the intensifying disasters.

It is for both of the above reasons that I am choosing to post my book online for free. If this increased availability motivates even a few more people to read my book and be helped by even some of its suggestions, I’ll be happy.

Now, the truth is that many people don’t prefer to read a whole book online. Most readers seem to prefer the print copy of my book, and some people like the PDF. And so I will continue to offer both the print copy and the PDF for sale.

Whether you’ve read my book already or not, I hope you will find its online availability helpful. Please share this link with anyone you know who’d be interested in household thrift, preparedness, creative mobility, and (or) sparking a #GrassrootsGreenMobilization !