A New “Zero-Waste” Facebook Group! Yay!

Great news! A friend clued me in to a Zero-Waste Group — “Zero Waste Zero Judgement”. Not sure how new this Facebook group is, but it’s new to me so I’m calling it new. It is an active group with several thousand members.

I joined ZWZJ to fill the void created recently by the shutdown of the Journey To Zero-Waste group, and after following the posts for a few days, I can wholeheartedly recommend this group to you.

Unlike J2ZW, this group ZWZG 1) allows posts related to #BlackLivesMatter and racial bias (as long as they also relate to pursuit of Zero-Waste); and 2) allows, with prior approval, self-promotion posts; and also does a “self-promotion thread” regularly. (Please be sure and read the rules before posting! Getting to promote our sustainable/regenerative cottage enterprises is a privilege we don’t want to lose!)

One of the recent posts that caught my eye as being helpful to a wide audience, is a post asking people for suggestions on alternatives to bottled water, from a woman whose husband works construction and doesn’t trust tapwater.

Another thread that just got started — seeking tips for making a clothesline look visually appealing: “Hey all! My husband doesn’t want to do a clothesline because he feels they bring down the appeal of our yard. We have one inside but he just doesn’t want people to see our “dirty laundry”. Can anyone post pics of cute, inventive ways you’ve hung a clothesline outside and made it cute/appealing? Thanks!” (I look forward to following this thread, as many of us eco geeks have encountered similar objections by spouses, or neighbors. And a clothesline is a great way to save money and electricity, while getting naturally disinfected and clean-smelling laundry!)

People are sharing successes and asking questions about all the same essential everyday stuff that made J2ZW such a valuable resource. Sort of a crowdsourced, green-focused version of that old favorite newspaper column “Hints from Heloise.”

Halleluiah! Hope to see you over there. I will also be adding ZWZG to my blogroll as soon as I save this post, so you will always have the link at your fingertips.