Black Lives Matter 2

I started a new post to expand on my first post on this topic. I’ll be adding thoughts as they come to mind, and adding resources as I find them.

Implosion of the “Journey To Zero-Waste” Facebook group: One of the online groups I’ve steadfastly recommended to you as a resource for all matters related to reducing one’s footprint, is essentially dead, because the admins shut down posts related to supporting zero-waste black-owned businesses. They deemed Black Lives Matter a U.S. political matter, beyond the rightful terrain of an international non-political group. Tens of thousands of members disagreed and raised an uproar, but the admins get the last word, and the group is for all intents and purposes no longer available. Its content has been archived and is searchable by existing members, but no new people can join or access the archives. The needless loss of this rich resource is a shame. But, in the event that you have a question about anything related to reducing waste in your daily life, I will be happy to search the J2ZW archives for you. How much better it would have been, had the group been allowed to freely explore the intersection between environmentalism and racism. To explore “How does systemic racism, and the Black Lives Matter movement, relate to pursuing a Zero-Waste lifestyle? How can this group be part of the solution?”

De-funding racism: Laura Oldanie (Rich & Resilient Living) just made a post, “A Crowdsourced Guide To Social Justice Investing,” about how we can use our financial capital to help de-fund racism and fund the world we want to live in. “I do recognize that I’m operating from a place of privilege (and gratitude) just having money to invest and the time to contemplate social justice investing. Given the direction my life has taken, it feels like the best contribution I can make right now to help address this situation,” says Laura. Thanks always Laura for your thoughtful, well-researched posts! Money is a tricky topic, and Laura makes it easier for everyday people to make a difference via their investments.