Who Decides?

The government which only a short while ago was urging us to stay home, is now nudging us to get back out there to our frantic treadmill so we can save “the economy.”

I feel it’s really on us to decide for ourselves, rather than rely on government or corporate interests to tell us when we “should” go back to “normal.”

Kudos to the gym owner quoted in the article who said he refuses to be “a vector of death and suffering,” and said it would be “professional negligence” to reopen his business now.

I feel that now is the time for us, the everyday masses, to take control of our wallets and our livelihoods, maybe more than ever before in our lives, so we are not so dependent on big companies and government to meet our basic needs. Just my two cents!

It’s time to build a deeply resilient, grassroots economy.

#LocalResilience #SupportEachOther #CottageIndustries

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