Patience and Forgotten Seeds

My friend Constance has 6 baby trees from my papaya! I totally forgot I had given those babies to her some years back. She says they have totally taken off — unlike the one I kept and tried to grow in my yard; that one died.

And my friend Derek got a harvest of something like 200 tubers from the 5 or 6 taro bulbs I gave him last year. (I ordered 30 and gave all but a couple away.) I assumed the ones I had kept were dead, but it turns out they are still alive; just forgotten and hidden under other plants! I even got a tiny harvest of a couple of bulbs — but am glad I chose to give away so many of the original 30 rather than growing them.

And so it goes. In recent years I’ve given away more seeds and plants than I can remember. When someone comes back to me and shares their success, it totally makes my day.

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