Living Locally

In recent years, and particularly over the past couple of years, I have felt more and more pulled to focus my activism at the neighborhood and city level.

For me, living locally doesn’t mean I’m hiding my head in the sand about statewide or worldwide issues. On the contrary; working locally is what I consider the most effective way to address such issues. Bringing it home to the local sphere. Examples include loss of biodiversity; loss of urban tree cover; loss of unique local culture.

Reading Neal Gorenflo’s new series “Year of Living Locally” on (I subscribe to Shareable’s email newsletter; I find it a good one), I could really identify with what he says about “turning to local connection and action.”

Speaking of local connection and action … Today I’m giving my “First Friday of the Month” talk at my local environmental learning center (located on the beachfront just five minutes’ brisk walk from my house, bonus!). The topic I chose for this month is “Diversity: Nature’s Greatest Design Principle.”

(Diversity is also the topic for my “Green Daytona” radio show on the 19th. Tune in at noon EST on Wednesday February 19. WJOY 106.3FM on your radio dial, or online via an app such as TuneIn.)

Further Reading:

Here’s a resource for community-level transformation via sharing: Over 300 “How-To” guides to help you share more in your community (from )

And on diversity: Stop Treating Animals as “Invaders” Simply for Trying To Exist ( — something the human race needs to learn also with regard to plants, fellow humans, different cultures, and different viewpoints.