A “State of the City” Address

The mayor of my city just posted a “State of the City” Address on Facebook. (Kudos to Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick L. Henry for his social-media presence and for being very much out and about in our city.)

And this evening, President Donald Trump will make his State of the Union Address. Yes, it’s that time of year again.

So I got inspired to make a grassroots, green-oriented version of a “State of the City” address. You can see it here on my YouTube channel; I also posted it to various local eco and neighborhood groups on Facebook. (On the topic of solutions to longterm vacancy and other forms of blight, you also might enjoy “Filling Our Empty Spaces,” a 6-minute talk I did a few years back (at the first Elevate Daytona Beach, a TED-style speech event).

I invite you to make your own “State of the City” (or region, or neighborhood) Address, be it in video, audio, or writing; and share it with your community. And if you like, email me the link and I’ll post it on this blog.