Great article about collapse

Maybe the best article about collapse that I have ever read, overall. I don’t have time to do a whole post on it right now, but I am just sharing the link here for now because I need to clean up all my open tabs in my browser lol, I had quite a backlog.

(I may already have shared this in the “further reading” section on a previous post, but I’m sharing it here just in case. So I can reference it if needed.)

“The Collapse Is Coming. Will Humanity Adapt? An evolutionary biologist and a science fiction writer walk into a bar … and mull over survival.” By Peter Watts; May 31, 2024, in an online publication called Nautilus.

“Well, the primary thing that we have to understand or internalize is that what we’re dealing with is what is called a no-technological-solution problem. In other words, technology is not going to save us, real or imaginary. We have to change our behavior. If we change our behavior, we have sufficient technology to save ourselves. If we don’t change our behavior, we are unlikely to come up with a magical technological fix to compensate for our bad behavior. This is why Sal and I have adopted a position that we should not be talking about sustainability, but about survival, in terms of humanity’s future.”

And, if you want a great book about navigating the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of collapse, I can make no higher recommendation than this book by Terry LePage. Eye of the Storm: Facing Climate and Social Chaos with Calm and Courage. Terry is a very active leader in the Deep Adaptation movement.