Brag about your home place

One easy way to promote low-footprint living is to talk up the simple attractions of the place where you live.

Somebody posted on NextDoor that they just moved to Daytona Beach, with their child, and they are looking for different activities and to meet people. A lot of people chimed in with great ideas and recommendations.

This is just a few things I thought of off the top of my head to share. Everything I mentioned is either right in the downtown area, or accessible by public transportation.

I love my adopted home city!

Welcome! I second the recommendation of Sweet Marlays coffeehouse. Also City Island library and the riverfront esplanade park. And first Fridays food truck nights on Beach Street.

If you want to experience beautiful beach nature, go down to Ponce Inlet. There is a nature trail and learning center and various restaurants and a lighthouse you can visit. It’s quite a climb if you take the stairs up to the top!

Of course there’s the beautiful ocean right here in Daytona Beach too if you like to take a dip. And if you like a water park as well, there is Daytona Lagoon which is right near the Ocean Center. They offer games / indoor amusements as well.

One really interesting spot that a lot of people don’t know about is the historic cemetery on Main Street, across from boot Hill saloon. It’s so interesting reading the old headstones, and it’s beautiful in there with lots of big oak trees and colorful dune wildflowers.

Speaking of history, if you like history museums check out the Halifax history Museum on Beach Street. You can find out so many cool things about the history of this area. They have lectures and other events there too.

We also have a minor-league baseball team, the Tortugas. They play at the historic Jackie Robinson stadium right downtown. The games are a fun and reasonably priced way to spend an evening. And the Tortuga’s organization does so much for the community. They have special fun activities for kids, and they are very supportive of seniors as well with various senior discounts.

And concerts at the Peabody Auditorium, there are quite a variety!

And I keep thinking of stuff I forgot… Concerts at the bandshell and so on!