Acting rich; being rich

When I first started on this journey of low-footprint living, some people used to think I was depriving myself; living in a poverty mindset.

But actually, it struck me today, as I was managing our household rainwater collection tubs, that I’m actually living in a wealth mindset. A person who practices radical water conservation even in a rainy climate will feel more secure, and will be more likely to always have water to share with neighbors.

And if that person lives in a desert, they may only end up having enough water for their own household, but they will still have the skills and expertise of water-thrift to share with other people.

Same with money. If I use only what I need, then I often have surplus to share with others. Which is very important especially nowadays, as the economy gets tighter and less forgiving for more and more people. There are so many people who don’t have a single penny to spare. Those of us who have some leeway, the more money we can free up to share, the better. Back when I had not a penny to spare, I still had a lot of expertise to share with others, regarding how to live abundantly on very little.

And space, too. If I can live happily in a very small space, but I have a whole house, then I always have lots of space to share. I definitely feel very very wealthy.

Living below our means voluntarily is a way to create wealth, not only for ourselves but for our communities and the planet. (Note, I am not talking about people who are living in involuntary poverty; not even getting their basic needs met. Although, I will say, many of the most generous people I’ve met in my life didn’t have a penny or much of anything to spare, and yet they found ways to share. Their attitude taught me a lot.)

Speaking of rain, we got a bit last night and are getting some more this afternoon, after a long crispy dry spell. Here’s a video I just made, talking about my simple rainwater setup.