Watering trees to make rain

The following might seem really over the top and too good to be true, but it fits in with everything I’ve learned about the water cycle and how we restore it. Something like 40% of rainfall comes from the local water cycle.

My friend and permie colleague Chris Searles in central TX has pioneered a technique called strategic watering. Basically, watering large trees in order to bring rain.

We need to spread this everywhere, please watch & share this 12-minute, no-filler video and subscribe to his channel.


On a related note, it’s way too micro to be verifiable, but I have done this kind of watering in the mini, Miyawaki-inspired forest I’ve cultivated in my tiny urban yard, and watched plumelike clouds either seem to form or grow, almost always in the same patch of sky, and I’ve seen where rain happens within hours where either there was no chance or the chance was very low.

Correlation isn’t causation but it sure has happened a bunch of times.

But PLEASE watch Chris’s video (12 minutes, no fluff) and follow his YouTube channel, because he / his organization BioIntegrity has done it on a large scale and I believe witnessed successes about 75 times!

All of his videos are great. Here’s another one, about 1 minute and 17 seconds, showing hyper-localized rainfall happening after strategic watering.

BTW here’s BioIntegrity’s website for you: https://www.biointegrity.net

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