Sewing-kit upcycled from empty chewing-gum container

Upcycle use of a pack of Orbit sugarless chewing-gum. The plastic packs are a handy waterproof container.

Today was the first time I thought to repurpose a bottle cap as a thread-cutter, which is very handy since I don’t have mini scissors to give out to everybody but I have lots of bottle caps. And then it also occurred to me that it can serve as an emergency thimble.

What are some other possible use as you can think of? I thought of a fire-starting kit with matches, candle, tinder etc. Or a medicinal/first-aid kit.

ADDED LATER: Cool, I was able to fit the same components into a smaller gum container. Also, I’m showing you one of my old pride and joy, a little sewing kit made out of one of those tiny mint-tins. The surface had gotten rusty enough for me to be able to paint my own words over the original label, while retaining the original label’s cute design elements that I liked.

You can see pics here.

When it comes to choosing a low-footprint lifestyle, self-expression is one of the most fun parts. And the little things like this add up! Never underestimate the value of reuse: keeping things out of the waste stream. And a lot of times the things we make are superior to what we could go buy new. A lot of people might enjoy these as gifts, and many of us have the ingredients already lying around our homes and craft closets. Furthermore, it could be a fun activity for crafty kids and adults to do together. And can most definitely lead to a wider interest in sewing …

There could also be a mini kit version for fishing, carpentry, painting or other pursuits.

BTW when we were kids, we used to create what we called “trouble-making kits”, using empty cough-drop tins. The trouble-making kids would contain nefarious equipment such as fishing line, paper clips, mini pencils and tiny shells and rocks. I don’t remember ever having made any actual trouble with any of them, but hey, it’s the thought that counts!