Senior bus-pass

I love love LOVE being in my 60s — but I kind of like it that a lot of people think I look younger than 60s. So I’ve kind of been enjoying the best of both worlds until recently.

So I was wondering how I would react when somebody really didn’t question my senior citizen status. And now it is official … I HAVE experienced that, and I officially do not care! Hey, $1.85 is $1.85! Thank you Votran!

Officially, we have to be 65 to get the $1.85 bus pass deal. Otherwise it is $3.75.

BTW I was not trying to scam. I didn’t know this info until afterwards, when I looked up the fine print on the bus schedule. I was just assuming the age cutoff was over 55 or something. But, I don’t even care. I’m only 61. I don’t care that the driver apparently naturally just thought I was 65, $1.85 is $1.85!

One good thing about looking my actual age (or maybe apparently older than my actual agr?) is that I seem to have noticed a reduction in getting hit on by 30-year-olds who think I am rich or a cougar ha ha. No young man, I’m not buying you that new iPhone, you should have listened to your mom and finished your chores.

Things have gotten to a point where I was just about to have a T-shirt print it up that said, “I’m not rich, I’m just old”!!!

PS. Public service announcement: we need more cross-town bus routes, and they need to run past 6 PM. We don’t want a bunch of elderly people driving around at night, do we? I sure don’t! <laugh emoji; haunted scream emoji; cocktail emoji>

#normalizenotdriving #supportpublictransit

Update: Last weekend when I had occasion to use the bus again, I just casually put my dollar 85 into the slot and waited. Just to see what would happen, not to try to scam. The bus driver looked at me, I looked at him.

And I said, I’m just waiting for the day pass to come out of the slot.

Oh, he said, if you want one of those half-off day passes you have to show ID and prove that you are 65.

So, just FYI! 3 1/2 more years for that sweet senior day-pass deal!! I hope the previous driver didn’t get in trouble for not asking me for my ID! I didn’t mention that a previous driver had unquestioningly given me the special deal.