Oh no! Left the solar oven running by mistake!

Oh no! I left the solar oven running by mistake! And now …

… Just kidding. And now, absolutely nothing is wrong!

1) Solar oven doesn’t “run”; It’s not plugged in, it’s just ON when you open up the reflectors and position the box to the sun angle.

2) The solar oven cannot catch fire. The temperatures are not high enough to cause combustion, only high enough to slow-cook food.

3) Furthermore, the solar oven is used outdoors. So it doesn’t even heat up the kitchen if you leave it “on” by mistake.

4) The worst thing that’s ever happened when I left the solar oven “on” by mistake, is that nighttime came, and people walking by were confused. They were wondering if I was cooking by the rays of the moon etc. and I had to disappoint them. Nope, it’s just a solar oven, not a lunar oven. But that’s good enough, because there’s plenty of free solar energy available during the daytime! Even in northern latitudes in winter, people can usually use a solar oven for at least a couple hours a day.

PS. There are solar cooking devices that can cause combustion, and cannot be left unattended. If you’re curious, petition the google deities to check out solar parabola, parabolic cooker, etc. Those are great too, but you can’t leave them unattended. Also, with some models, you might have to wear Kevlar mitts!

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