Another use for the solar oven: Making candles

They’re baaaaaaack!! Cat Food “CAN”-dles.
One of my friends in the neighborhood likes to feed a couple of stray cats, and the cat food tins are a good size and shape for candles.

It’s a fun size, and it helps address the issue about recycling. A lot of material doesn’t necessarily get recycled, although cans probably get recycled more than plastic does. It’s always preferable, if one is not able to avoid acquiring disposable containers in the first place, to reuse them.

And In a manner of speaking, one might consider this actually an UP-cycle, since the empty cans can be used over and over again for candles.

To make the candles, I just take bits and pieces of old candles that are burned down, the wicks are trashed so the candles won’t burn anymore etc. and I melt the wax in the solar oven.

I make wicks out of thin strips of old T-shirt material. It’s been working pretty well.

See pics here on my deep green Facebook page.

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