Community-focused eco landscaping business

My yard is my business card!

Sharing this as an example of a community-oriented eco landscaping business. Feel free to use any of this in developing your own community-based landscaping business.

See accompanying photos here.

Doing our best to help stop the flooding in Midtown … one Beachside yard at a time!

#BarrierIsland #StormwaterSponge

PS. Attention Fellow Landscapers! Are you looking to increase value-added services for your clients, while reducing expenses on large equipment and gasoline? Contact me to find out about our upcoming mini workshops on how to incorporate Permaculture Design elements into your landscaping services. (And homeowners, and apartment landlords! Would you like to increase your household health & preparedness, and would you like your yard to work for you instead of the other way around? We will be offering a version of this workshop for you as well!)