Where to go to run from Fascism

A friend/fellow activist posted on her feed, asking fellow Floridians where are we thinking of moving when our state turns full fascist — because it’s happening before our very eyes.

My answer:

Staying here to be a part of helping to fix things. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t have much to lose. In that I am not in a vulnerable population. So I figure my best contribution is to stick around.

In any case, assuming it gets worse here it will definitely spread elsewhere. So I figure what better place to be to try to contain it than here, at the worst spot, before it spreads more than it already has.

Also, Florida is a hotbed of climate disaster in the USA. For someone like me who has relatively little to fear, I figure what better place for me as a permaculture activist to be to try to help people adapt & soften the suffering, than on one of the front lines.