Books vs car? No contest!

From a fellow author this morning on the feed of my deep Green book page:

People are paying $150 for pink Stanley cups and I’m over here asking 99 cents for my book smh #writerlife #writingcommunity #indieauthor

And my response:

Seriously! (And I’m going to have to Google to find out what a pink Stanley Cup is, because I thought a Stanley Cup was only if your NHL hockey team won the big tournament.)

Maybe it’s a cup version of a Stanley thermos. Which is awesome too, because I am all about reusable cups (instead of the disposable plastic cups which are so tacky and which everyone keeps using with such wild reckless abandon).

BTW I have one of those Stanley thermoses, super vintage and I got it for like five dollars at a yard sale and it works really great.

— But yeah, either way, the original post holds! Support your indie authors, buy their books!! A dollar spent on a book is a dollar spent on the collective knowledge and joy. I would even venture to say that a dollar spent on a book is a force multiplier out in the community.

I would even rather buy books than have a car. Books, and online classes, are two of the main things I spend money on instead of owning a car. I have never questioned that it is totally worth it!

(Yes, there are other major reasons I don’t want to own a car, but books and online classes and online conferences are some of the financial ones.)