Using humor

We are communicating about serious stuff, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use humor. (“We” = climate communicators, eco activists, permaculturists, greenminded people, change agents, or whatever words you use to classify your activist self.)

In fact, humor might be a good idea, not only to increase people’s interest in checking out lower-footprint options, but also to keep ourselves from getting too doomy and gloomy.

Lately I’ve started using humorous hashtags. Examples: #PrepperHomeEc, #DoomerStyleFiles in some of my social-media posts about solar cooking, rainwater collection and other nuts-and-bolts of daily living. Referring to myself as aspiring to be the Martha Stewart of the zombie apocalypse.

It’s too early to say whether this is helping to spark enthusiasm for low-footprint/DIY/anticonsumerist living, but it certainly is helping me enjoy my work more, keep a buoyant outlook instead of feeling bogged down by the sheer heaviness and scariness of stuff.