Food desert fusion cuisine, continued

Today I forgot to set up the solar oven in time to make a hot lunch.

(This being a regular urban house, hooked up to the grid with electricity and running water and all that stuff, we do of course have a regular oven, stovetop, etc. But I really like to use the solar oven whenever I can.) 

That’s OK, the weather has been warm so I didn’t really feel the need for hot lunch. So instead I opted for one of my favorite, easy-prep cold lunches.

  • Greens from my garden
  • Wild greens foraged from nearby
  • The last of an onion and a jalapeño purchased last week from Joanne’s organic shop (on West ISB just the other side of the bridge)
  • Can of refried beans from rotating out old hurricane-rations this past week
    - Remains of a bag of shredded cheddar purchased at the 1313 neighborhood minimart last week
  • Tabasco sauce, probably purchased from minimart
  • Ritz crackers and sour cream purchased at neighborhood 711 today

Chopped all veggies into small pieces.

Combined all ingredients except the crackers. Left the various ingredients loosely layered in the bowl rather than vigorously mixed. Then spooned the dip onto the crackers. Tasty, filling lunch w plenty of leftovers! This will end up being multiple meals.

Note: If I had felt inclined, I could have puréed the dip ingredients in my mini blender to make a smooth creamy dip. I sometimes do that. But today I felt like having a more chunky, multi-colored, multi-textured lunch experience.

Fun fact about the shredded cheddar: It was cheaper by pound to buy it shredded than to buy it in a block. The minimart proprietor thinks it’s because shrink-wrapping a block of cheddar costs the cheesemaking company more than packing shredded cheddar loosely into a bag.

(I say “fun fact” because the favorable price meant not having to use the cheese-grater. One less dish for me to wash.)

Eco note: Both types of cheese, the block and the shredded, came packaged in plastic. So there was no advantage, in terms of single-use-plastic avoidance, to either the block of cheese or the bag of shredded cheese.

PS. Oh, and an apple for dessert. Also from the 7-Eleven. They seem to make an effort to offer fresh fruit at low prices there. For example, I routinely pick up two bananas for a dollar. Can’t beat that in the neighborhood!

You can see pics here, in this post on my Deep Green Book page on Facebook.

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