Off-grid hand-wash station

Cool!!! While pondering a simple hand-wash station for my little off-grid she-shed / glamp-‘partment, I googled “wash station using tippy jug,” and behold the wonderful resource I found!!

“Handwashing Using a Tippy Tap Conserves Water and They Are Easy to Build Too!

“A tippy-tap is a simple handwashing device made of locally available material and very easy to build.

“It is really an ingenious solution to the problem of hygienic handwashing where there is no piped water.

“They are so simple to make that even children can do it. …

“Where there is no piped water and especially where water is scarce, using a tippy-tap can provide for hygienic hand washing and water conservation.”

(Side note: Isn’t it wonderful how internet-searching can work even if we don’t know the right words for something and are just guessing!! Which is rather often in my case!)

Do you have any favorite solutions for a simple off-grid hand-washing station? If so please feel free to share your approach on my public post on Facebook!

And speaking of off-grid fun and experimentation … Brrr, Getting some chilly weather (at least for Florida LOL). No worries though! Here I am stylishly bundled up in preparation to embark on an at-home, glamping staycation in my plush urban off-grid she-shed!

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